Tetra Gun Care

Tetra® Gun Care offers firearms maintenance products for handguns, rifles, shotgun and airguns, including fluoropolymer lubricants, cleaning solvents, kits, accessories and more.

Tetra® Gun Care products are firearm maintenance products for handguns, rifles, shotguns and airguns, featuring the original fluoropolymer gun lube

Company Overview
Tetra® Gun Care develops and manufactures advanced products for firearms maintenance, with over three decades in the business. With over 200 products available, and with sales on four continents, Tetra® Gun Care is a leader in the premium firearms maintenance. Visit tetraguncare.com for more information.

General Information
Tetra® Gun Care offers a full line of firearm maintenance products, featuring performance gun lubricants, cleaners and solvents. It also includes the Prosmith™ line of gun cleaning rods, cotton patches and accessory attachments such as brushes, mops and jags. Tetra also offers the ValuPro™ III series of firearms cleaning kits.

Choose from nearly 200 firearms maintenance products, including lubricants, cleaners, gun cleaning kits, rods and other gun care accessories
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