Tactical Gear

Our tactcial and military gear are ideal for airsoft and paintball, here at Bullseye Country Sport we offer protection for fireld sports in the form of googles, pads and masks with brands like Invader Gear, Strike Systems and Swiss Arms our masks are excellent quality and come in a variety of protective coverage from v1 mesh masks for the lower face to v2 full ear to ear mesh masks plus full face masks in a variety of colours, camos and patterns such as ATP, woodland and a skull pattern.

We also can provide everything required for your tactical communication needs we have headsets, radios and mics not to mention U94, PTT and mobile units available in single and double pin versions perfect for any and all wargames . Our selection of dummy and training weapons are also essential for your combat situations with brands such as K-gear and Cold Steel plus smoke and flash grenades to further aid you in gaining the tactical adavantage.

Eye protection is also crucial to for taking part in war games such as paintball and airsoft where shots can wuickly go wrong but our range of mesh and plastic lense goggles will ensure your your eyes remain untouched especially when paired with our selection of fast, M88 and Mich helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. Holsters are also available here at Bullseye in a variety of placements such as drop leg, thigh and shoulder plus we supply both left and right handed holsters from brands such as IMI, Viper, Invader Gear, Web-Tex, Helikon, Bolle, Claw, ASG, Cybergun, Cyma, Cytac in a wide range of colours and camos.

We also stock lanyards and slings ideal for proportioning even weight distribution when carrying your weapon in combat. Our range of rubber and embroidered military, army and novelty patches and badges are perfect for completing your military outfit as well as our range of molle, PLCE and padded belts with the option of attaching utility, mag and dump pouches. Bullseye Country Sport can offer all your tactical requirements. 

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