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What are airsoft shotguns?

Airsoft shhotguns are a necessity of anyone who is starting of in the airsoft career, they are a replica of a firearm, but they shoot 6mm plastic balls instead of real bullets. They are actually quiet a complex device that has many imitations such as m870s, breachers, under and over and many many more. You will find what your looking for here at Bullseye country sport.

What if you see a gun you like but it says it’s out of stock?

We here at the N.I airsoft shop sell alot of airsoft guns, so if you see one that you love the look of but it says its out of stock you can either do 1 of 2 things, you can either click the notify ne when back in stock or alternatively ring us to see if we can get the particular gun back in stock again as sometimes they can be end of line guns. Which means that we wouldn’t be able to get them back in again sadly.

Is there a specific gun you’re after that isn’t here?

The simplest thing to do would be to contact our airsoft shop in Northern Ireland to see if we can get the gun in question in for you as 9 times out of 10,we can, depending on the gun in question of course.

What happens once you place your order?

With our crack team of Bullseye operators once you place your order we will print it out, get it picked, and then get it wrapped up and sent out the door for our courier to collect, who will then deliver it right to your door and what do we do in return for this? We offer discount over all our items once you use the promo code.

Do you have to be an airsofter to purchase airsoft replicas?

No you do not as we offer a tone service here at Bullseye which means instead of having to get a ukara you can purchase any airsoft gun in either a two tone option either tan or green at ONLY £10 extra. This would be ideal for people like yourself that would be looking to purchase set item to give to their son or daughter to do target practice out the back of your house. With gun brand names such as ASG, Nuprol, G&G and cybergun in stock along with many others you will be sure to get the right choice of airsoft replica to suits your needs. With variances of m4, m16,g36, ak47 and sniper rifles in stock we definitely have something here for you!

Bullseye country sport appreciates our customers loyalty Thankyou!

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