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S-Thunder was formed by a group of industrial designers, engineers, manufacturers and marketers who are also war game hobbyists. During their years as players, they also became skilled in modifying and enhancing the performance and accuracy of war games equipment and accessories including paintball markers, airsoft and automatic electric guns.

S-Thunder started as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for high end airsoft guns. After extensive experience in producing airsoft guns for well known brands and modifying paintball markers for their own use, S-Thunder’s engineering team realized that most war game equipment utilizes engineering and designs that were considered evolutionary years ago, but are no longer state of the art by today’s engineering standards and innovations. 

With this knowledge, S-Thunder has developed all new designs, engineering and manufacturing methods that are now patent pending and will be applied to a new line of war game equipment. All S-Thunder products are engineered to outperform and outlast products currently available in the market. 

The S-Thunder product line includes Paintball Markers, Gas Landmines, Gas Grenades, CO₂ Cylinders and Accessories, and other Parts and Accessories. S-Thunder's products are best suited for professional war gamers and military / tactical / training, riot control and entertainment production.

S-Thunder is continuously developing new products to help enhance the war gamers’ experience to a new untouched level of satisfaction.


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