There are 6 types of rods or poles:

Spin Fishing Rods are extremely versatile with varieties of reel and rod lengths and weights.

Casting Fishing Rods well suited for beginners or children due to ease of use and overall simplicity.

Telescopng Fishing Rods, as the name suggests, this type of rods is more portable and compact.

Fly Fishing Rods, they come in all kinds of sizes and lengths, so nearly any fish species can be targeted on fly rods.

Surf or Sea Fishing Rods, the extra length allows the fisherman to cast a heavy bait rig conveniently to the targeted area.

Trolling Rods are used for moving boats. Trolling is having your lure move through the water by the movement of your boat.

Each type and their functional benefits for your fishing style and skill level.

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