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KWC was established in 1978 with trademark registered in 1993. We have been committed to sustainable growth and innovation since the early days. In 1997, KWC became the first bb gun manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain the ISO 9002 certificate. Today, KWC is a worldwide brand with products sold in Europe, Japan, United States and South-East Asian countries.

In 1984, with technical support from an experienced Japanese alliance, KWC developed their first spring gun. Since then, we had allied with Japanese manufacturers to develop and to create our own spring gun designs. Today, KWC spring guns represent High Speed, Excellent Accuracy, and Reliability.

To take airsoft to a higher level, KWC was the first few manufactures to develop Non-blowback airguns back in 2007. After releasing several Non-blowback airguns, including KM47DX, KM42ZDX and KM43ZDX, KWC decided to take airguns to the next level of realism by introducing the BLOWBACK system.

At the same year with several non-blowback system, KWC has launched our first CO2 BLOWBACK AIRSOFT guns—Taurus PT99. It was not only a milestone for KWC, but also a remarkable page for the industry. KWC is the first manufacturer to develop the CO2 blowback airsoft gun. Following the release of SW Sigma SW40F and MINI UZI , KWC become the industrial leader both in terms of technique and quality in making CO2 FASHION.

In 2010, following the success of NON-BLOWBACK airgun, KWC started to develop super high grade BLOWBACK airguns based on the expertise and experience from developing Airsoft. KWC's BLOWBACK airguns were an immediate success and further consolidated KWC's leading position in the industry.

In 2012 marked as a year with continuing expansion in our product line as KWC decided to jump into the train of AEG! With the new design of gear box and 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan, we would offer you the best AEG both in terms of quality and value for the money.

The 2013 continues to be a fruitful year for KWC. We have developed six different models of revolvers and the classic WWII pistol—Luger P08. All of them equipped with CO2 Blowback system. Based on the WWII theme, we will introduce Mauser C96 and Makarov CO2 blowback replicas in 2014. In the same year, KWC will also launch Beretta M96A1 and Glock 18 CO2 blowback replicas with KWC's superior CO2 Blowback system. 
KWC's superior quality and rich history has established us as a leader in the industry. We strive to innovate and continue to deliver the best quality airsoft and airguns.

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