Our extensive range of tactical, adjustable and roto holsters are suitied to all your airsoft and field sports needs. Offering your weapon protection on the job our holsters are available in right handed, left handed and ambidextrous options from a range of brands such as Vipre Kombat UK, IMI, MFH and Invader Gear, in a selection of army camoflage patterns and military colours encompassing black, tan, green, vcam, everglade, smudge and flecktarn. Made from polymer, moulded plastics and cordura nylon they can be worn both on your leg or hip or indeed anywhere as they're easily attached to beltd, waistbands, molle webbing, vest and chest rigs depending on the individual holster. Holsters provide you with easy acces to the weapons and provide a secure way to carry your gun during play. 

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