FMA provides a range of airsoft accessories and gear to create a more exciting and authentic experience for your customers. FMA products include goggles, helmets, battery boxes, magazines and even rugged iPhone cases. No military or airsoft stockist is complete without these items in store. 

FMA creates a wide variety of accessories, tools and hardware to help make the airsoft experience more lifelike, exciting and enjoyable. Founded in 2009, the company has risen to prominence in the industry thanks to its wide range of products. 

Some of FMA's top products include their grips, many of which come with decorative patterns. These help make your guns easier to hold in wet conditions, while at the same time providing some unique customization. Lasers sights meanwhile give you that 'Predator' feeling, while at the same time enhancing aim and accuracy and creating a variety of new tactical possibilities. Slings allow for hands-free movement when agility and speed are called for, while goggles enhance visibility and protect the eyes from BBs. 


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