Firearm Storage Cabinets

Lokaway is a leading supplier of steel safes, gun safes and fire proof safes. 
Our Swing'n'Slide design provides optimum security for your valued possessions
Store your firearms and ammunition in police approved gun cabinets from Lokaway. 
All Lokaway safes have Swing'n'Slide locks for extra security.
Lokaway have been providing reliable, versatile and high quality gun safes to the security industry since 2002. Our extensive range of gun safes makes it easier for you to find a safe that will cater for your individual needs as well as the regulations that are applicable to you.
Our standard gun safe range offers durable storage spaces that can occupy up to 16 guns, excluding the LOKDD, which can store up to 25 guns collectively due to an exclusive double door.
Utilizing our worldwide-patented Swing’n’Slide locking technology your firearms can be kept secure at all times. All of our gun safes have a modern contemporary black stone finish, with an easy to operate system.

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