Dan Wesson

Dan Wesson Firearms has always been a trusted name in the Firearms Industry. The Dan Wesson name and logo are synonymous with quality, finish, and accuracy. A state of the art manufacturing facility located in Norwich, New York is today producing some of the finest most reliable Revolvers and Semi Automatic Pistols. 

Dan Wesson was founded in 1968 by Daniel Baird Wesson II, the great-grandson of one of the two founders of Smith & Wesson. His concept for revolvers was the modular approach, which in 1968 was quite new and innovative. And the hallmark revolver that company made was the .357 Magnum model 15-2, which in its highest form was sold in a "pistol pac" that contained the revolver, an extra set of grips, three extra barrels of different lengths that the owner was expected to install, a belt buckle and the wrench and feeler gauge for the barrel and shroud. You can be supplied with airsoft replica's of dan wesson firarms, magazines holsters, speedloaders and much right here at Bullseye Country Sport with manufacturers such as ASG and Strike Systems.

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