Ammo & Gas

Here at Bullseye Country Sport we offer a range of 6mm BBs for airsoft in a variety of weights from 0.2g throught to 0.4g by an assortment of suppliers such as King Arms, Madbull and ASG plus our extensive collection includes some of ASG's top and best knonw brand such as the Blaster range including Devil Blaster, Blaster Tracer's, Open Bio Blaster's and the Blaster classic range plus their Cursed and Q Bullet range, these 6mm BB's are available in both bags and bottles in a variety of quantities from 1000 pcs up to 6000 pcs. Bullseye can also supply you the gas required for your tactical airsoft games whether it be ultra power or maintenance gas. We also supply 4.5mm pellets from ASG and Swiss Arms perfect for target practice in both silver and copper coloured pellets. Our selection of air rifle pellets also include pointed, domed and flat head pellets for both .177 and .22 air rifles from brands such as Bisley and Anglo Arms. 
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