Airsoft Systems

Airsoft Systems is a young and fast growing company founded in 2008 in Bulgaria.

The company was born from the mutual passion to airsoft of a computer engineer and a real steal gun designer. 
The out-of-the-box thinking of the company brought to live a line of innovative products, starting from electronic 
upgrades up to complete AEG, setting up the benchmark of the new generation of European made airsof guns.

Now Airsoft Systems has a strong R&D department, which is part of the Dynamic Arms R&D team.
Airsoft Systems is also developing products for other manufacturers including product design, prototyping,
tools and molds design and manufacturing.

The Airsoft Systems team is completely made of airsoft players and we do play airsoft as often as we can.
This keeps us as close as possible to our clients, and helps us build our products for the airsoft players,
from airsoft players.

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