Airsoft Magazines

Bullseye's range of magazines for airosft includes mags for AEG, AEP, Gas, Co2 and sniper guns used for a variety of pellets but especially for 6mm BB's. In a selection of styles and colours like black, tan and green not to mention brands such as Cyma, JG Works and WE for all your gun requirements. Covering a large collection of rifles, pistols and shotguns we have magazines for m series guns, MP5 and MP7's plus our vast array of mags covers a variety of low, mid and high cap mags carrying anywhere from 13 rd  up to 2500 rounds depending on the individual gun. Not to mention our range of speedloaders to help you load your magazine quickly and fluidly saving you time and risk during combat situation. We also supply a range of magazine accessories such as fill valves, mag assists and propane adapters. Bullseye Country Sport can provide you with all your airsoft magazine requirements. 
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